April 5, 2021

OTS RTsim for the Worldskills standard in the competence oil and gas processing T55 and chemical technology operator T2

For the first time RTSIM got acquainted with the industry championships in 2019. The representatives of Sibur contacted us and asked to help them with the organization of the corporate competition Siburskills. We supplied a OTS (butane separation unit).

As it turned out, being an industry partner of Worldskills, they wanted to develop and implement their own standard in the competence of a chemical technology operator (T2) and oil and gas refining (T55). A month later, we made a stand with them at Worldskills Hi-Tech in Yekaterinburg. There we also signed an agreement with a representative of the fund to join the Worldskills movement.

In 2020, the whole world switched to the remote work, so it was not possible to hold the championship. Now, in 2021, in addition to the butane separation unit, we have developed many OTS’s for other units. We are ready to deliver any of them for the Worldskills exam within two months.

To read more you should watch the video:

We are not only engaged in creating the mathematical models, we pay attention to how people are trained. We are testing the idea of creating unexpected situations for the student by the mentor.

For example, in the video, we from the mentor's ARM disabled the main raw material pump in order to see how the student will behave in a stressful situation. The result: for some time he simply repeats the press «On», as if starting a car.

There are several problems:

1) Difference between simulator and reality

In the simulator, it is a button in the field. In reality, the device message that the pump does not start. Everything is much more complicated, the ability to work in a team and mutual confidence are very important. The ideal outcome in reality the operator trusts the data of the equipment can get additional information from it and make the most profitable decision.

2) Perceiving a failure as a simulator bug

When something fails, you blame the simulator: "Why does the button not work?" You are stressed, but is it the stress that the operator is experiencing in a real situation.

This is more of an irritation from powerlessness, to change something. "Alas, you can't get into the code and fix a button that isn't working!"

We are solving these problems. We train operator competencies. To do this, we need more material to investigate and improve the simulator. If you are involved in college training, please email info@rtsim.ru to the institutes. So we will make our simulators better, and the oil and gas chemical industry is safer.

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