RTsim — operator training simulators for oil and gas sector

Affordable modelling opens up new possibilities!

RTsim’s OTS, using digital twins of technological processes and principles of game mechanics will educate thousands of employees, reducing capital costs and the start-up time for oil and gas processing industry.

After 28 years of experience in mathematical modeling and development of operator training simulators, RTsim would like to offer Russian computer simulator for gas processing and petrochemistry needs.

Advantages of working with RTsim

Modeling Experience
Simulation Speed
Unlimited number of training places
Easy to upgrade and maintain
1053 people studied on RTsim simulators
Compressor station operator
University students
Today, RTsim OTS is used: TATNEFT, Gazpromneft and others
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About the developer

All truly new products and solutions appear at the intersection of various scientific and practical disciplines. The RTsim platform is not an exception.

In 1997, while working on a Ph.D. group of young scientists, led by an experienced doctor of sciences, developed a computer mathematical model of a complex chemical process. In the same year, the first operator training simulator was completed for the petrochemical company.

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Modeling Experience
Kazan and Skolkovo
Process units
close ties with leading universities of the Russian Federation


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