July 22, 2022

​TPU will train future operators of technological plants with the help of Russian digital simulators

Bachelors and undergraduates of the Engineering School of Natural Resources of TPU will be trained on a computer simulator complex using RTSIM digital models. It allows you to work out the skills of starting, stopping and conducting the technological process at oil refining and petrochemical industries. Operators of Gazpromneft, Tatneft and other leading enterprises are trained on the same simulators.

RTSIM digital models are developed by RTSIM LLC, which has extensive experience working with enterprises and educational institutions. Dynamic simulators are designed to train operators of technological installations. Their work is based on mathematical models of real technological processes and principles of game mechanics. This spring, as part of the pilot project, teachers of the Department of Chemical Engineering of TPU and students of the third and fourth years of bachelor's degree in the direction of "Chemical Technology" were trained on simulators.

"There are a number of competencies that cannot be obtained without practical skills. For example, the ability to use technical means to measure and regulate the main parameters and modes of production of refined petroleum products and petrochemistry — says Associate professor of the Department of Chemical Engineering of TPU Tatiana Volgina.

Simulators on the RTSIM platform introduce students to the possibilities of controlling the process of preparing raw materials and separating products in modern production facilities, allow them to virtually participate in process management, get acquainted with the workplaces of operators of technological installations

The simulator makes it possible to conduct training, including in a remote format. The training program provides control over the performance of work both in real time and after the end of the exercises.

It is planned that training on simulators will begin with the new academic year. RTSIM digital models will be used in the study of technical disciplines of the Bachelor's degree in Chemical Technology and the new multi-track Master's degree in Chemical Engineering. Undergraduate students will practice their skills on individual devices, and undergraduates will learn to manage entire plants. The educational module will allow graduates of both programs to obtain additional qualifications in the working profession.

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