April 7, 2021

Results of the RTSIM.Challenge Online Championship

On March 31, RTSIM held an online championship to start up the butane separation unit.

Today we summed up:

Riffel Daniel (KFU)

In 4 hours received:

Top product: 54.67% (0B)

Bottom product: 77.88% (0B)

Actuation ESD: 4 (-80 B)

Device in normal mode: 22 (110 B)

Regulators in manual mode: 1 (-1 B)


Screen Recording:


Fadeev Andrey (KNITU)

In 4 hours received:

Top product 0% (0B)

Bottom product: 68.52% (0 B)

Actuation ESD: 4 (-80 B)

Device in normal mode: 15 (75 B)

Regulators in manual mode: 4 (-4 B)


Screen Recording:


Sorokin Alexey (KNITU)

In 4 hours received:

Top Product 0% (0B)

Bottom product: 93.66% (16 B)

Actuation ESD: 1 (-20 B)

Device in normal mode: 15 (75 B) R

Regulators in manual mode: 7 (-7 B)


Screen Recording:



1st place Sorokin Alexey (KNITU)

2nd place Riffel Daniel (KFU)

3rd place Fadeev Andrey (KNITU)

Scoring Methodology

4.4. Criteria for evaluating the completed task of the Online Championship:

4.4.1. + 5 points for each device of Butane Separation Unit, which is without alarm or emergency protection interlock;

4.4.2. + 2 points for each percentage more than 85 for devices QIRA-001, QIRA-002 (calculation example: (x - 85) × 2 = total, where x is the concentration value rounded to the whole);

4.4.3. + 0.5 points for each unused minute at the early completion of the task (at that the concentration of n-butane, and butane should be more than 85%);

4.4.4. -1 point for each regulator in manual mode;

4.4.5. -20 points for each actuation of the emergency protection system.

RTSIM.Challenge Online Championship Rules: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/Ah44ULvjfGCPUA

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